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Put some perspective on it!

1 point perspective
This series of images are assignments from the Drawing From the Imagination class that I took last fall for the masters program at the Academy of Art University.  It was the first online class that I attended and man did I have my work cut out for me!  The class focused on drawing from multiple perspectives (one point perspective, two point, three point, and two point vertical) and taught us how to measure, frame, mirror, and plot shadows according to each type of perspective.  It was a heady class, but I am glad that I have a deeper understanding of perspective because of it. 

2 point perspective

and 3 point perspective

More 2 point

 and 2 point vertical perspective

This last one here is unfinished, and now that I have pulled it up, I think I may play around with it some more.  It was actually for a mirror assignment with the Snow White theme.  I thought it might be fun to depict the story of Snow White in an Egyptian setting. Here is the Wicked Queen addressing …

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